Don’t Let Hackers Use Your IT Assets Against You

Leverage Power Consulting’s remote network monitoring services to ensure your routers, switches, firewalls, apps and other IT assets are secure and work as intended.

By working with Power Consulting, you will benefit from these competitive advantages:

Network support from a 24/7 state-of-the-art Network Operations Center

Custom dashboards to keep you up-to-date on network and security activity

Regularly testing against hacking and social engineering threats

Helpdesk with instant pick-up and guaranteed service levels

Our SOC-2 compliant, redundant data centers for securely hosting client data

Real-time user behavior and threat detection monitoring services


Remote Network Monitoring Services

Power Consulting provides 24/7 remote network monitoring services to actively watch and respond to downtime events–for example, routers, switches, firewalls, servers, remote office connections, remote hosts, and storage devices.

Our managed network monitoring services will also equip you to monitor for rogue wireless access points and unauthorized wireless connections to your network.

We also monitor your network assets outside of your regular hours, e.g. overnight, weekends, and in holidays.

Use a Trusted Remote Network Monitoring Solution to Catch Unauthorized Logins and Block Attempts to Restricted Computers