Permanent Residence



Whether you initially planned to come to Canada temporarily in order to work or study and ultimately return home after a period of time, or if you always knew that your main goal has been to obtain Canadian citizenship, many people are daunted by the task ahead of them. The path can be a long one, but for the many who come to Canada from another country with the desire to stay and make a home here, Permanent Residency becomes a very important step in the process. For those who meet eligibility requirements, and who are willing to put in some work, the effort is worth it.



But what rights does Permanent Residency bestow upon successful applicants? What kinds of programs are available to apply through? What will I need to do to make sure my application is as strong as possible? Mansouri Firm?s experienced team is able to answer all of these questions, plus many more. Let us help you find the right pathway toward Permanent Residency, and then we can assist you with preparing and filing your application.



The many options available to foreign nationals toward pursuing an application for Permanent Residence make it an obtainable goal for many people, but fully understanding the options can be confusing. With so many different application streams available, the best fit for you and your family may not be obvious. Once you understand the options, you should also seek qualified assistance so that you are clear on the specific requirements of the application, regardless of the stream you choose to apply through. There are choices to make that can be irreversible, and some of these may have serious consequences. Make sure you understand the details before proceeding with an application.



Enlisting the help of our team of experts can give you the peace of mind of knowing that you?ve included all the relevant information that could potentially impact your application, no matter how inconsequential the matter may seem. For example, a ?principal applicant? is permitted to include his or her spouse and with dependents. For any number of reasons, the principal applicant might decide not to include one of his family members on the application. The consequences in this scenario could be very serious. We recommend that you work with one of our professionals to make sure you understand these consequences before proceeding.



Because of the number of application programs, and the differing requirements of each one, seeking the assistance of an experienced immigration professional to assist you with a permanent residence application might be a very good idea. Mansouri Firm has the experience in this area to successfully execute a Permanent Residence application. A Permanent Residence visa might be refused if an applicant doesn?t fully understand his or her options and chooses the wrong one. Let our team of experts help you.



Application Streams


Permanent Residence Application Stream in Canada Include:

  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Express Entry
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program
    • Canadian Experienced Class
  • Sponsorship
    • Canadian Family Sponsorship
    • Canadian Spousal Sponsorship
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds
  • Canadian Business and Investor Immigration

*You can learn more about all of these programs in our Services section



Why Work with Us?

The experts at Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) are here for you. We are dedicated and attentive. Our aim is to help you understand your options, and to guide you along the complex application process ahead.? Every case is unique, so we make sure that we understand your personal situation. We have experience with a great number of immigration programs for Canada, and we will do our best to find the right pathway for you.

The details of your application are critical. The timelines involved in this process are also very important. The assistance of the experienced immigration professionals at Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) will give you the peace of mind on two fronts: First, we will ensure that you understand the best immigration program options available to you. Second, you can feel certain that your application has been completed accurately, and meets every deadline. The consequences of even minor errors and/or inattention to detail can lead to results ranging from delays to having your application rejected permanently, so let Mansouri Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) assist you toward achieving your specific immigration goals.